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25+ Years of Professional Video Marketing Experience

Some Call US Video "Doctors"

Here's What we Do

Videography | Live Video Streaming | Multicamera Video Production | Video Ads | Social Media Video Advertising |
YouTube Channel Management | Facebook Live Video Production | International Video Production Exerperience |
Webinar Creation and Production | Video Copy writing | Elearning Video Products

Our goal is to make sure our video services meet or exceed the needs and expectations for your video project.
As a small team of experienced videographers, video editors, video content creators, video producers, and video directors, we really strive for excellence with all our clients. We can guarantee consistent and personal care that will leave you saying "WOW"!

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Webinar Producer and Livestream Simulcasting

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"great Collaborator a​nd Leader"

Full service video streaming for many events. Great attention to detail. Most importantly, Boyd goes the extra mile and offers suggestions that will maximize our communications stagnates and budget realities. Great collaborator and leader.

Craig R., Video Director

About us

Why the name Changing Productions?

In 1987 as a young man I discovered that the only thing in life that is constant is CHANGE. 
So I decided to embrace it and never be afraid of it. It was a good decision. 

Video production and video marketing has changed tremendously over the last 25+ years that I have been an active professional.

In 1991 a multi camera production to show around the world needed semi truck trailers of equipment, millions of dollars of gear, and a satellite truck to broadcast it.
Now in 2018, a very similar production could be done with 3 iphones, an Ipad, and a good internet connection. Scary. But awesome.

But don't be fooled because some videographer has a fancy camera.
Do they know copy writing? How to write and produce a soundtract? How to write a script? How to Live stream and multiply your audience with YouTube Live and Facebook Live and all the other video streaming services popping up all over the place? How to do Facebook interest targeting?

Want your video project done right the first time? Hire a video professional. Do it right the first time. 

the Family

Married now 10 years to a wonderful woman from the Northeast of Brazil, Conceicao and I have two wonderful children Zachary and Zophia. We've lived in Fort Washington Maryland, Fortaleza Brasil, Sterling Virginia, Tampa Florida and now Davison Michigan.

Shhh... don't tell anyone but I actually really enjoy producing webinars and livestreams from my home base office in Davison MI, USA. I like being close to my young family and wife and wouldn't trade them for the world.

the Team

Changing Productions likes to run lean and mean... and pass the savings on to our clients.

But on larger productions we bring our world wide team or partner with local event and video contractors to scale for large events. Our feeling is that in today's marketplace, you must always be concerned about the clients return on investment with ​their marketing ​and event budget.

So no matter if it is a simple 30 second video ad for Facebook to promote a product or event... or a 10000 seat conference that needs video projection, video recording and live video streaming... we've done it all.

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We strive to earn your trust and WOW you the first time. So lets put the risk on us.

Where We Are
davison, MI USA 48423

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The World

As a small team of experienced videographers and video producers, we strive for customer excellence and over delivering on all our video projects- no matter how great or small.

Based in the USA, but frequently deliver multi camera event services and video consulting around the world including North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East

We look forward to bringing our 25+ years of professional video production experience to you!

    ​20206 Charter Oaks Dr Davison MI 48423